HVAC Maintenance Plans

Your HVAC System Needs Regular Checkups

Get HVAC maintenance services for your Summerville or Moncks Corner, SC home

Keeping your HVAC system in top condition can save you money and stress in the long run. McCaw Heating and Cooling, LLC can help by offering an HVAC maintenance plan.

Our team can visit your home or place of business annually to perform a 15-point inspection of your heating and cooling system. If we find any problems, we'll resolve them right away so your system can continue keeping your family or employees comfortable.

HVAC maintenance is always a good idea, and our team is dedicated to providing it. Speak with us today to schedule HVAC maintenance services in Summerville & Moncks Corner, SC.

Why bother with HVAC maintenance?

Why bother with HVAC maintenance?

There are a lot of benefits to signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan. Our periodic inspections can:

  • Uncover small problems before they become big issues
  • Keep your home comfortable all year long
  • Save thousands in repair and replacement costs

Make sure that your HVAC system is ready for the next big cold snap or heat wave. Hire McCaw Heating and Cooling to keep your system up and running.

Annual System Check Up Plan $149


Summer cooling 15 point service check
1. Install gauges and check operating pressures.
2. Check voltage and amperage to all motors with meter.
3. Check air temperature drop across evaporator.
4. Check for adequate refrigerant charge and possible leaks.
5. Check evaporator superheat.
6. Lubricate all moving parts.
7. Check belt and adjust tension.
8. Check filters.
9. Check electrical lock out circuits.
10. Check starting contractor contacts.
11. Check all wiring and connections.
12. Check thermostat operation.
13. Check air temperature across condenser.
14. Check that condensate drain is open.
15. Provide general equipment condition report to the owner.

Winter heating 15 point service check
1. Check thermostat operation.
2. Check all safety controls.
3. Vacuum burners, and heat exchanger.
4. Check pilot assembly.
5. Adjust burner for peak efficiency.
6. Check for gas/oil leaks in furnace.
7. Lubricate all moving parts.
8. Check belt and adjust tension.
9. Check filters.
10. Check venting system.
11. Check and clean condensate lines.
12. Carbon monoxide testing.
13. Check pump pressure or gas pressure and adjust, if necessary.
14. Inspect heat exchangers for dangerous holes or cracks.
15. Provide general equipment condition report to the owner.